Who We Are?

Every wedding has such a poetic touch and an untold beautiful romantic story full of emotions; Our cameras at Wed buds listen to all those lively stories and conveys it with Mida’s touch. Weddings have lots of once in a life time moments which is gone forever, Wedbuds with its creative team of Professionals wanted people to Re-Live those moments whenever needed by them.

Why we do this and why not a 9 to 6 monotonous office

We wake up to our Monday mornings cherishing instances like- seeing a bride’s proud father shedding happy tears at the emotions in the photos perfectly captured by us and also receiving a couples gratitude for portraying them stunningly Royal, which has made their friends to go AW..!!, While a 9 to 6 monotonous office goer is so reluctant to all Monday mornings. Touching people’s lives through the art of Photography which we are passionate about gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction, the reason why we do this.

What we click?

Wedbuds are a team Passionate Professional Wedding Photographers in Coimbatore who knows and breathes the art, doing – Regular or Candid wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Pre- wedding and Post- wedding couple photo shoots at an affordable cost. Our camera also wakes up to Cinematic Videos , Kids & Born Baby photography, Family portraits, Fashion Modeling, Advertisement and Industrial photography.

Our working day for your weddings looks like

Pre-Wedding shoot

Bride and Groom, you will be made to express the love you hold for your partner, our clicks stand as testimonials for the love expressed.


Our Team of Photographers perfectly blends inside the crowd and be a part of their family for candid capture of emotions, ecstasy and love.

Wedding Reception

We play with angles like from the hip, down low; up on high to ensure that all guests, groom and bride come under our Cameras Radar for the best clicks.

Post-Wedding shoot

Our camera slightly peeks in, to catch the glimpses of chemistry and love, already happening between the wedded couples.

Our Team



Say Cheese !!!! Much like the letter “G” in my name which separates me from other Karthikeyan’s, I see the world in a way you’ve never seen it before. I have done my Degree in Visual Communications with an extreme passion for Photography and have got 8 years of exceptional expertise in Photography, when I happened to see people literally -longing for good photographs, I founded Wedbuds Studios, gathered like-minded people and also took up the role of Lead photographer to address people’s needs. I say good night to wedbuds everyday with the satisfaction of building exceptional photographs instead of just acceptable mediocre photographs. What people love about me is my impeccable knowledge in illuminating a subject. Reading a lot about my profession and applying them into my work makes me a sole photography nerd in the whole team. I put my heart and mind into the work and when you see my work what you see is my heart into pieces.

Favorite Wedbuds moment: Every album handover moment- When people step back to those moments that fills their heart with pure joy while looking into the album.
If not on work: When I’m not pushing pixels around all day, I like to push My Motorcycles and Computer around instead.I am also hard core mountainbiker and a gadget freak.Dogs are my favorite and you could see me playing around with them.



Hey !!!! I come from Cumbum and I will cover a bit about me here. My Specialties are Wedding, Fashion and Family photography, I naturally grabbed these mediums when they came knocking my door in the name of passion. My career began with Mobile networks and not with a camera.I am an Engineer with Electronics as my majors & as a former successful Senior Project Lead at Vodafone, Airtel & Alcatel lucent and Telesonic Networks. I left my corporate cushy job when I saw that a firsthand wedding, fashion & kids Photography content fell in short in each domain, as a result I founded Wedbuds with a team of highly passionate people. I still sought , seek and struggle to build exceptional photographs and wedding contents and I also handle Admin operations at wedbuds

Favorite Wedbuds moment: Every time when a family trusts our team and give us their once in a lifetime wedding photography craft to us , We can’t look at it as a mere business we ensure that the family brags a lot about those moments through our clicks.
If not on work:
I would be Playing with pet dogs, cuddling, walking and playing with them. I am owner & breeder of Blackdream kennel and I am the first Indian to be a member in prestigious Miniature Pinscher Club Of America.



Start.. Camera… Action !!! I’m always a follow –your- heart- kind of person and that impressed the admission panel in Government Film and television institute in India, Oh yes !!!! it’s a premium institute where the best cinematographers and directors come from and I did D.f tech cinematography there also I am a B.sc graduate with computer as my majors. Well my learning didn’t quite stop there, I even went on to learn Cinematography from Om Prakash by assisting him, You know what I learnt from him when he is known for his work in the movie Arambam. When I felt that a common man and a women should benefit from what I learnt, Wedbuds accommodated me as their lead Wedding Cinematographer.

Favorite Wedbuds moment: When a couple said that they felt like watching a movie of lead hero and heroine after watching their wedding video….!!! What’s more than Instant gratification!!!
If not on work: I’m a movie buff and If not on work I would be watching Akira kurosowa, Santhosh sivan and PC sreeram movies to learn their shots.

An engaged bride and groom plant love together, they grow as buds awaiting to bloom, buds blossom when they get hitched, Spreading fragrances of Romance all around them